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Microsoft Races to Warn on SharePoint Flaw

Software giant rushes out Security Advisory to warn customers about code for a zero-day vulnerability in SharePoint collaboration server that's making the rounds on the Web.

Microsoft Warns Of SharePoint Zero-Day Flaw

Microsoft is warning users about a zero-day flaw in its SharePoint Server 2007 and SharePoint Services 3.0 that could lead to a elevation of privilege exploit, as security experts say the flaw enables hackers to walk away with an organization's crown jewels.

Microsoft issues work-around, advice for SharePoint zero-day

Computerworld - Microsoft Corp. on Thursday urged SharePoint 2007 administrators to protect systems against a recently revealed zero-day vulnerability that could be exploited to steal company secrets.

10 SharePoint deployment challenges

Managing a SharePoint deployment entails a number of issues you might not be expecting. Brien Posey runs through some of the most common gotchas.